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Attorney. Athletic Trainer. Advocate.

Tammi Gaw has been a part of the sports landscape for over 20 years. Beginning her career as an athletic trainer at the University of Oklahoma, Tammi brought her experience as a competitive gymnast to the sports medicine world, working at both the high school and Division I university levels.  In 2004, Tammi brought her knowledge of sports to the other side of the locker room door.  As one of only a handful of professionals licensed as both an attorney and an athletic trainer, Tammi's unique and unconventional career has included in-house counsel positions, non-profit management and board participation, and C-suite level work with integrated planning for large and medium scale sporting events.

Through her company Advantage Rule, Tammi combines her extensive experience in sports medicine, business, and law with her passion for advocacy. Whether on the field, in the board room and executive suite, or advocating for client groups seeking access to long term medical care for former athletes, Tammi brings invaluable insight and perspective.

  Tammi is an international speaker on issues around sports business, law, medicine, and social justice.  She has been featured on Huffington Post Live, and internationally in the Independent and the Observer.  Additionally, she is a guest lecturer, and was privileged to address the UK Parliament in 2009. She is a published author and continues to write in both fiction and non-fiction genres.  When not traveling, she lives in Washington D.C.

Tammi (far right) following a speech to the UK Parliament in 2009

Tammi (far right) following a speech to the UK Parliament in 2009